Choose from our popular meditation topics below. These are presented as a series of 1-on-1 sessions, private group classes, or corporate programs.

Meditation Step-by-Step

Do you feel stressed or depleted by the demands in your life?

Learn how to take “time-out” from the chaos of your mind, and find the button to turn off non-stop thinking! Stress affects us in multiple ways. Symptoms of mental stress can result in lack of focus, overwhelm, and anxiety. When manifested physically, stress can cause tension, chronic pain, and disrupt sleep.

This three-part series guides you step-by-step through the vital components of meditation, so that you can live a stress-free, worry-free life. In each session you will experience our unique meditation methods that draw from our lineage and modern techniques like body scan, watching your breath, and watching thoughts. As you practice these meditation techniques, you will learn how to release mental, physical, and emotional stress as soon as it occurs, before it accumulates and burdens you.

Deepening Meditation

This four-part series gives you accessible ways to connect with your inner nature, that are richly rewarding and pleasurable. Session one, ‘Here-Now Meditation’ teaches you how to come into the moment and turn mundane activities into cherishable experiences.

Session two, ‘Centering Meditation’ gives you the tools you need to become centered in any moment, in the middle of your busy life. Reconnecting to your center is the fastest way to come back to yourself when you feel pulled in different directions by the competing demands in your life. Experience the aah... of replenishing from your inner being with this strong dose of peace. 

Session three, ‘Gratefulness Meditation’ uplifts your mood, and enables you to shift from mindsets of scarcity to abundance. Instead of feeling like life is unfair, you can appreciate what you have. As you connect with gratefulness you become more receptive to your inner strengths, opportunities, and the precious people in your life.

Session four, ‘Finding the Real Value in Your Life Meditation’ is the antidote to feeling insecure, unsatisfied with life, undervalued at work, or unappreciated in your relationships. Know your true value, so that you can maximize your inner and outer resources and live a life you love!

Emotional Intelligence meditation 

Experience the transforming power of meditation through these tried-and-true processes to increase your emotional intelligence, and your capacity to handle the challenges in your life.

This six-session series enables you to be compassionate towards yourself and others, when things are not the way you want them to be. Discover the key components to have harmonious, fulfilling relationships of all types: personal and professional.

These meditations give you a greater capacity to respond intelligently in stressful situations, instead of being impulsive, or acting out in unreasonable, regretful ways.

Learn the art of letting go to harness emotional resilience, so that past disappointments and adversities stop holding you back from having what is most satisfying and meaningful for you.

Intuitive Intelligence Meditation

Increase your intuitive intelligence, while sharpening your mind! Accessing your intuition is like having a GPS guide you through your professional and personal life. Intuition enhances your logical mind, providing you with a ‘gut check’, to aid with discernment and choices.

You may have already experienced moments of being guided by your intuitive wisdom. Imagine what it would be like if you simply knew which direction to take in your life, and what choices to make on a day-to-day basis to accomplish what’s important to you. 

This four-session class guides you step-by-step through the vital components of connecting with your intuitive intelligence at work, and in your personal life.

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