Benefits of Meditation in the Workplace

Your investment in the well-being of your employees through meditation can increase the productivity of your workforce, giving you the resources to expand into new markets and increase profits! You can cut costs on health care, absenteeism, and employee turnover with increased happiness and job satisfaction.

Masters of Leadership meditation

Employee leadership skills can be one of the greatest assets to your organization! Anyone, whether they are leading others or taking initiative in a project, is greatly enhanced by fostering their leadership strengths.

Each of our meditation modules builds leadership attributes, like confidence, self-regulation, accountability, emotional resilience, adaptability, and effective communication.

Leaders learn to observe, weigh the factors, identify solutions, be decisive, execute, and strategically respond to the positive and negative outcomes. Connecting with the source of their motivation enables them to be relentless in achieving their team’s goals, and organization’s objectives.

Leaders develop the knack of recognizing and nurturing their team’s talents, while delegating and empowering their colleagues to express their maximum potential. They can shift between being directive and receptive, so that they can incorporate each person’s unique perspective for dynamic, collaborative creations.

Empathic communication enables leaders to have difficult conversations that are productive, resulting in an overall uplifting experience. The art of endorsing their colleague’s efforts, while skillfully coaching them to improve upon their weaknesses, without micromanaging, can inspire happier, loyal team players.

Experience how these pertinent workplace meditation programs can elevate your leaders, teams and entire organization! Begin with Power of Meditation, request a presentation to address your unique challenges, or contact us for our menu of workplace meditation offerings.

power of Meditation

Learn to unplug from non-stop thinking, and rejuvenate with a strong dose of inner peace. Connect with the timeless wisdom of meditation to get off the treadmill of worry and stress, so that you can be centered at work, and enjoy an extraordinary life.

This meditation offers a perfect break between meetings to help your team assimilate your offsite objectives. Most will gain a new perspective revealing insightful solutions to their workplace challenges.

Customized for your Workplace

Have something else in mind? Talk to Tarika about your event, so that she can design something special for you. Programs include 5-20 minute guided meditations based on the topics presented.