What is Meditation?

Meditation is a practice in being here-now, training your attention, and expanding your awareness, so that you become more perceptive globally, and cognizant of your unique intelligence and strengths. 

There are countless meditative traditions and techniques that have evolved over centuries to advance human consciousness. Some of the more popular methods include mind training, seated meditations, breath, somatic techniques, TM, chakra energy balancing, and prayer.

Whether you’re becoming mindful of a daily activity such as eating, or practicing the discipline of watching your breath, the end result is the same— expanding your awareness universally, while connecting with your inner nature.

Regardless of the religion, tradition, or technique, most lead to a practice of cultivating peace, love, mindfulness, a universal connection to all living things, and freedom from suffering.

As ancient techniques are becoming modernized and widespread, the words mindfulness and meditation are used interchangeably. Meditation and Mindfulness are both practices of focusing your attention on an activity, object, or experience to connect with the essence of who you are.