Meditation Step-by-Step

Learn the basics, or deepen your meditation practice by discovering how to come into the moment, become mindful and centered in the essence of who you are.

50 minute sessions. 1 on 1, or private group sessions

Transformation Meditations

Experience the transforming power of meditation. Focus on a specific issue to become free of limiting mindsets and emotions for greater ease and harmony in your life.

50 min sessions. 1 on 1, or private group sessions

Chakra Energy Balancing

Release stagnant energy from the seven chakras with this innovative energy-work technique, used by meditative traditions for centuries to help people evolve in consciousness. This session harmonizes and strengthens every dimension of your life.

50 minute session. 1 on 1.


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Offered at 2161 Union Street, San Francisco, 109 2nd Street (map) in Sausalito, and Cavallo Point Healing Arts Center and Spa (map) in Sausalito, CA.