Private Meditation Sessions

Having Tarika guide you weekly is the most powerful way to experience the ongoing benefits of meditation and how these techniques can transform every aspect of your life!

Begin with whichever meditation program appeals to you, or experience the entire sequence as it’s detailed under the meditation programs menu. Every session, regardless of our meditation focus is uniquely tailored to you, and is guided based on what would be most beneficial to you, moment-to-moment.

50 minute sessions, offered as a series of 3-6 session packages depending on the topic. All of our programs can be experienced as an individual, couple, parent and child, or small group of friends.

Chakra Energy Balancing

Release stagnant energy from the seven chakras with this innovative energy-work technique, used by meditative traditions for centuries to help people evolve in consciousness. This session harmonizes and strengthens every dimension of your life.

50 minute session. 1 on 1.


Call Tarika for an appointment (415) 846-5114

Offered at 1630 Lombard Street, San Francisco, 109 2nd Street (map) in Sausalito, and Cavallo Point Healing Arts Center and Spa (map) in Sausalito, CA