Meditation Programs

Created & led by Tarika Lovegarden

Our meditation programs can be experienced as an individual, couple or group of any size. Programs are offered as a series of 50-60 minute weekly sessions, ranging from three-six weeks depending on the topic. Every session, regardless of our meditation focus is uniquely tailored to you.

Power of Meditation

Learn to unplug from a busy mind to experience the power of equanimity and replenishment from within. Connect with the timeless wisdom of meditation to get off the treadmill of worry and stress to become centered and enjoy an extraordinary life.  

This three-part series guides you through vital components of meditation to help you cultivate an effective and enjoyable practice, giving you immediate results without prior experience. Our guided meditations address the challenges of contemporary life, incorporating universal techniques like body scan, breath and watching thoughts.



Sanctuary From Stress Meditation

Do you feel stressed or depleted by the demands in your life?

Facing personal issues, deadlines at work, health challenges…. life can be stressful at times and affect us in multiple ways. Mental stress can make you feel anxious, frazzled and overwhelmed. Manifested physically, stress can cause tension, chronic pain and disrupt sleep. When it wears you down emotionally it can make you over-reactive or turn to destructive habits. But it doesn’t need to!

Join us to discover uplifting and productive ways to manage your stress. Learn how to take “time-out”, unwind and connect with a sanctuary of inner peace.

This three-part meditation series provides you with the tools to handle the stress in your life. Your capacity to perform under pressure, think clearly and make smart choices can determine your success in life! Having a peaceful, clear mind sharpens your intelligence and gives you greater emotional resilience.


Deepening Meditation

Experience the essence of who you are! These guided meditations teach you accessible ways to connect with your deeper nature that are richly rewarding and pleasurable. As you tap into vital qualities like gratefulness you become more receptive to your inner strengths, opportunities and the precious people in your life.

These techniques uplift your mood and transform your outlook on life, enabling you to appreciate what you have. As you discover how to live in the moment and connect with your inner being, mundane activities turn into cherishable experiences. Join us to gain new strength and acknowledgment of your true nature to live a life you love!



Meditations to Become Centered in Your Life

Reclaim your life! Learn how to become centered in any situation, in the middle of your busy life. Connecting to your center is the fastest way to come back to yourself when you feel pulled in different directions by competing demands.

When you lose touch with yourself and become reactive it drains your energy and limits your ability to respond to situations intelligently. Getting taken over by emotions and mindsets makes it difficult to have an accurate perspective and connect with what is important to you. Becoming mindful of your center gives you profound clarity, abundant sources of energy and brings you back into balance. 

You will discover how to recognize and express your potential day-to-day, and in times of adversity. Part one of this six-session series guides you deep into the source of who you are. Part two teaches you to become mindful in daily life, so that you can reap the rewards of inner strength and live in grace.

1:1 Meditation Sessions

Enjoy the luxury, or necessity of receiving guidance from a lifelong meditator to continually deepen your practice and experience how a series of weekly meditation sessions can transform every aspect of your life.

Begin with whichever meditation program appeals to you or experience the sequence as it’s detailed above. If you have something else in mind talk to Tarika about your objectives so that she can design a program for you. We offer a range of highly specialized programs in addition to the ones listed here.

Women's Meditation Circle @ Laura's

Join a supportive group of women who come together every Tuesday from 8:30-9:30 am for a guided meditation that addresses their unique challenges. Space is limited. Call in advance for availability.

Private Groups & Customized Meditation Events

If you’re interested in hosting or joining an existing meditation group connect with Tarika to discuss how we can make that happen!


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