How to listen to get the most from these meditations

Sit comfortably, so that you feel supported and relaxed. You’re welcome to lie down, but if you have a tendency to fall asleep I recommend being upright. Give yourself 10-20min (the full length of the meditation) without distractions and disturbances. Turn your phone on ‘Do not disturb’ and tell your colleagues and loved ones that you are unavailable.

Don’t worry if your mind wanders, you space out, or get distracted during the meditation. Simply come back to the feeling of your body, your breath, and my voice guiding you. It’s natural to doze off in the beginning, or drift between states of waking and sleep. Your ability to stay present and alert, while deeply relaxed, will grow over time. If you feel restless or sleepy, try some type of movement prior to listening, like walking or yoga.

Quality speakers or headphones can enhance your experience. Never listen while driving!