Intuitive Intelliegnce Meditation @ Stanford University

Intuitive Intelliegnce Meditation @ Stanford University

Stanford University Vedan Health Center (map)

Increase your intuitive intelligence, while sharpening your mind. Accessing your intuition is like having a GPS guide you through your professional and personal life. Intuition enhances your logical mind, providing you with a “gut check” to aid with discernment and choices.

You may have already experienced moments of being guided by your intuitive wisdom. Imagine what it would be like if you simply knew which direction to take in your life and what choices to make on a day-to-day basis to accomplish what’s important to you. This 5-session class teaches you simple ways to connect with your internal GPS, trust your inner vision, and act on your instincts.

To continue your practice connecting with your intuition in daily life, you will receive a series of 10-20 minute guided meditations through the Lovegarden Meditations App.

Self-Compassion Meditation @ Cavallo Point

 Connect with self-compassion instead of setting impossible standards and exhausting yourself trying perfect! This guided meditation gives you easy access to the compassion within your heart, so that you can embrace your imperfections and learn from your mistakes. Compassion releases you from grudges you hold against yourself and others, giving you more opportunities to express your strengths and live your true nature. Participants will be provided with a guided meditation from the Lovegarden Meditations App.