Power of Gratitude @ Stanford University


Experience how gratitude can help you build stronger, more fulfilling relationships, cherish life experiences, and increase your levels of joy and satisfaction.

In this 2-part class you will learn to apply science-based gratitude practices and guided meditations to positively shift your perspective of yourself, others, and how you perceive your life. 

These uplifting practices can clear mindsets of scarcity and feelings of insecurity, giving you access to strengths that you may have taken for granted. Recognizing that you have everything you need to accomplish what is important to you, gives you the confidence to respond to your challenges gracefully.

As you cultivate greater levels of gratitude by integrating these techniques into your daily life, you naturally become happier, and feel more fulfilled. Fortunately, acknowledging and appreciating what you have opens you to receive even more.


Centering Meditations @Stanford University


Rejuvenate from your life source and inner being by discovering how to become centered in the moment—Here-Now— using your senses as a doorway. Learn to set your worries aside, unplug from non-stop thinking, and enjoy a peaceful, clear mind.

Wednesday, Oct 30th from 7:45- 8:30 am @ Contemplative Space, Room 120, Stanford Recreation and Wellness Center, 900 Warrington Ave, Stanford University Redwood City Campus.

Thursday, October 31st from 7:45- 8:30 am @ Rooftop, CERAS Building, Graduate School of Education, 520 Galvez Mall, Stanford University.

Instructor: Tarika Lovegarden, Author, founder and meditation teacher at Lovegarden Meditations, Health Improvement Program instructor.