Tarika meditations increase your creative, emotional, body, and intuitive intelligence, while sharpening your mind, so that you can experience and express your true potential.

Connect with the timeless wisdom of meditation to address your contemporary life challenges, so that you can become centered in any moment.

Whether you are focusing on a relationship, working towards making a bigger difference, or taking care of your body, centering in the Here-Now: connected to your inner strengths, is essential. Connecting with your deeper nature makes you more successful, and the journey towards your achievements fulfilling.



Deepening Meditation

Discover, connect with, and become centered in your deeper nature, as you are guided, step-by-step through the most vital components of meditation.


Here-Now Meditation

This meditation teaches you how to come into the moment. Being Here-Now gives you a heightened sensitivity, so that you become receptive to your deeper nature and can experience the exquisiteness of simply being.


Centering Meditation

Listen to this meditation when you need a strong dose of silence and inner peace. It’s the fastest way to come back to yourself when you frazzled or depleted by the demands in your life.


Gratefulness Meditation

Listen to Gratefulness when you’re down, taking things for granted, or feel like life isn’t fair. This meditation uplifts your mood, and shifts your perspective, so that you can recognize and appreciate what you have. Shift from mindsets of scarcity to abundance.


valuing Meditation

Valuing is an essential quality of your heart, similar to gratefulness. It’s the perfect antidote to feeling insecure, not good enough, lacking meaning in your life, feeling undervalued at work, or unappreciated in relationships.



Emotional Intelligence Meditations

Emotional intelligence is intrinsic to harmonious relationships of all types: personal, professional, and family. This meditation series increases your ability to recognize and respect your own needs, as well as others, leading to greater fulfillment, rewarding collaborations, and deeper connections, without significant compromise.


Compassion Meditation 

Having compassion towards oneself and others enables you to understand varying points of view, bringing light to conflicts, often resolving unsatisfying or confusing emotional dynamics.


Transformation Meditation

Instead of acting out, or being regretfully impulsive in challenging situations, discover how to transform your emotions and mindsets. Connect with your inner strengths to respond to triggering circumstances, with greater ease and confidence.


Letting Go Meditation

Letting go of grudges gives you remarkable resilience! Instead of being weighed down and jaded by past disappointments, learn from them, pick yourself up and open to new possibilities, people, and opportunities.



Healthy Body Meditations

These meditations help you make healthier food choices, so that you can live a healthier, happier life—ideally pain-free, and maintain your weight mindfully. Connect with your intuitive body wisdom, so that you can feel what you need moment-to-moment to feel energized and satisfied.


Smart Choices at the Grocery Store

Learn to pass by unhealthy temptations at the grocery store, so that you can make healthier, more rewarding choices.


Cooking with Love

Transform cooking from a chore into a mindful, creative activity, so that you can make delicious meals from organic whole foods, again and again.


Mindful Eating Experience

Come into the moment, connect with your body, and savor each bite, so that you feel nourished and satisfied.


Eating Healthily in Social Situations

Learn to select healthy, satisfying options in social situations, so that you can enjoy festivities and feel great the next day.


Satisfying Cravings in Healthy Ways

Discover what you really need in moments of cravings, so that you can satisfy your hunger nutritionally, and find more fulfilling ways to meet your needs.



Stopping When Your Body’s Had Enough

Develop the knack of stopping when your body’s had enough. Tune in to your body while you eat, so that can receive signals of fullness.


Increasing Your Body Intelligence Meditation

This meditation teaches you how to receive your body’s wisdom, so that can feel what your body needs moment-to-moment.


Breaking Unhealthy Habits Meditation

Cultivate healthier habits! Your food and lifestyle choices profoundly affect your health and happiness. The body is quick to adapt, so as you establish healthier routines, taking care of your body gets easier, and easier.



How to Listen

Sit comfortably, so that you feel supported and relaxed. You’re welcome to lie down, but if you have a tendency to fall asleep, I recommend being upright. Give yourself 10-20 minutes (depending on the length of the meditation) without distractions and disturbances. Quality speakers or headphones can enhance your experience.

Don’t worry if your mind wanders, you space out, or get lost in fantasies during the meditation. Simply come back to the feeling of your body, your breathing, and my voice guiding you. It’s natural to doze off in the beginning, or drift between states of waking and sleep. Your ability to stay present and alert, while you’re deeply relaxed will grow over time. If you feel restless or sleepy, try taking a walk, doing yoga, or some type of movement prior to listening.

Never listen while driving or operating machinery!